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sugar or sugar-forming food in the diet, when an alimentary or dietetic
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oil of cubeb, and even oil of turpentine, may be from time to time em-
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In the instances reported the occasional combination of a membranous
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syphilis, yet syphilis is most rife in those countries in which the gov-
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ble without the microscope. They are to be seen with the unaided eye
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What was said of the use of respiratory stimulants and artificial respira-
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In the height of the disease great relief, and even permanent good, are
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respiratory centres, but by causing a flow of blood from the abdomen into
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nodules are superficial. The temperature remains continuously elevated
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the second rib to the crest of the ilium. Single echinococci are more
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with, or replaced entirely by, those of pneumonia, so that it may be for
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DEFINITION. A contagious malady, characterized by an eruption
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its sound. The surface is coolish, and the pulse rapid and feeble. In
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The face is strongly drawn towards the opposite side. The power of
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ried. The chief symptoms are marked numbness and tingling, without
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(except pork), chicken, and game, should constitute special articles of
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ous, and a venous hum is to be heard on auscultation of the jugular vein.
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cal and surgical relations, etc. of this agent are admirably presented. At the present
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of the cases due to abnormal contents. The majority of the patients
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may occur through breathing or swallowing the poison. In a number
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or in an anterior splint in such a way as to secure immobility and yet
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mucous membranes as well as skin and deeper tissues. Hysterical anaes-
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yellow color ; the odor at times is fruity, and has been compared to that
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the latter may be removed by shaking with potash and ether. The tests
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gression of the paralytic symptoms. The extent of this regression varies
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Strychnine seems to be more active and efficient than cocaine, and does
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rheumatism and other affections with very high temperature. As was
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Epidemics in armies may show a mortality of fifty per cent, and upward,
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cases be very effectual. These laxatives should, however, be varied :
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the upper extremities : these usually begin in the hand. In the thenar,
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always dangerous, the mortality in cases not treated surgically being as
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During the later stages of the disease as the spleen diminishes in size the