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suffering from chronic illness, whose history of traumatic

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were but 4 deaths from typhoid fever per 100,000 inhabitants.

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ever, I would consider it a very justifiable proceeding, and one

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of the Rectum.— Seventeen years ago O. Witzel' began to

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If one considers the history of the occurrence of diphtheria an^ong

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Henry Cline, Esq. F. R. S. President. A. P. Cooper, Esq. F. R. &.

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THE undersigned, who has been eleven years in the anatomi-

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cast many side lights on the economic features of such

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exhibiting greater vigor of growth than either parent. It is a familiar

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rate. Four days later, while examining the anterior wound, a

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oped in ice, and in six hours, when the temperature

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He has a " nigger record " to be proud of. Never tires of telling his " darkey and

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inability or absence of desire to exist by individual endeavour. I have


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Marchiafava and Celli appear to have observed this phase in the alter-

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the circulation through the tissues becomes more rapid, these

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of other neuroses. Cutaneous atrophies on the site of traumatic injuries,

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fact that writers also differ in their mode of subdividing the group of

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tive stress may appear to have been laid upon these

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Rabbits were then given subcutaneous injections as follows: Rabbit

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present knowledge goes, the spleen does not produce any special secretion,

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delay. A specimen of the plates and text sent free by mail, on receipt of 25 cents.

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bumins. The author attributes the reaction to the food

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relieved by correcting the acidity of tlie stomach by the use of aikaline-

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use of forceps in such cases occurring in with a proper cephalic curve and by frequ-

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affect perceptibly the color of the urine, and that upon standing, all

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removal with the magnet should be made through the original wound,

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tion, gives that scaly character to the surface which allies this disease

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fibrinous exudation. The latter will be considered under a separate head.

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filled with a turbid fluid. The cartilag-es are rouarhened and