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H. Stevens of New York, John C. Warren of Boston, R. D. Mus-
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J. A. Howell and family, of McComb, removes to Toledo Sep-
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found that accidents are more liable to happen if employees are over-
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Belgium was $10.50, that from Holland $9.25, and that from the
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Now it is not unreasonable to suppose that this may depend upon a derang-
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Extremities are cold and blue. Surface is generally mottled.
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of the veins of the broad ligament is often mentioned by gynse-
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compare so unfavorably with the other cultivated na-
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Ataxia, affecting all the extremities, and in a degree sufficient to render
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thorough operation and careful peritonization are done convalescence
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The readiness with which these hearts respond to treatment is
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foramen and extends to the lower lip. The pain is refer-
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or third day a stronger virus is injected, ending with a three-day
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and from the lung, and thus interfere with its nutrition. And from
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experiments upon an a$n, at which I was present. The aortic
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surface of an organic medium, as agar or gelatin, can be destroyed. Control
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covery, as the story goes, to all the members of the Paris
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sippi valley. It was also introduced into New York and spread thence South and
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factors in each of them (Tables V and VI, pp. 101 and 105).
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and most useful form of sensation ? How shall we explain the regular
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Dr. F. Pakkes Weber : The first of these two cases, that is, the child
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centers, and in some of our own medical schools, the specialization of
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the disease may be produced by different varieties of bacteria. At the
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