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not appear to be subject to any atmospheric influence. We can only
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but he was unable to see that botany and natural history were ' ' neces-
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tbe return was granted. Being verj- desirous of seeing it, I have ap-
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catheter was used, but the bladder was empty. There was consider-
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"I am rejoiced to find that you are directing the attention of your
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ganisms are the causes, and not the mere accompaniments, of putrefac-
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on September 1st. A hospital in the neighbourhood, containing seventy
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that in the town were large numbers of wounded untended. A party
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before the patient was able to bear it. He was struck with what Dr.
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Eaves. Loughborough ; Dr. Phillips, London ; The Secretary of the Royal Medical
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tice of Surgery, Two Wintu- Sessions -^W Clinical Medicine, and Clinical
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on the ilium. — Mr. Hulke asked if it was not always the rule that
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compressing force applied at or about the middle of the uterus w ill in-
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quackery would have been checked — men who called themselves sur-
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aid to the sick and wounded accruing from this bloody war. AYe were
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mother permitted to enter the room. 2. — A basin containing a solution of chloride
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By medical agency, again, the State protects the children and youth
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" I should not have thought this could have produced a fracture of the
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boarding, were raised on stages two feet above the ground, so that
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But the greater part of the gentlemen who came to the Committee of
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in the treatment and prevention of disease, meet with great hindrance
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tlemen, when they talked to him of this and said he ought not to allow it ;
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poison. There was no doubt that chlorate of potass contained a large
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curable by appropriate means, I have thought it well to bring these
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ing or a copious watery discharge from the alimentary canal, or when
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Fee, will be considered eligible for the Dresserships, for three months
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Master in Arts, about to take the degree of Doctor in Medicine, ob-
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granule-layer. I am unable myself to speak on this point, for I have
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The lower jaw was fractured at its angle on the left side. This man
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probable that the difference in sex was the origin of the difference in
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histology ; and the hope was expressed that ere long a Physiological
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