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Soc. de m6d. prat, de Par., 1889, 833-836.— Typhoid fever.

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Topography of important Posts and Districts occupied by the Confederate Forces.

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Warnings: Caution patients about possible combined effects

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results have been most gratifying. She has gained in appetite,

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directions are very admirably set forth in a series

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shown by the characteristic fetor attending expectoration, together with

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Though not of this group, perhaps, and yet somewhat allied are

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"Christian Science," mental healing, magnetic healing,

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beats with more blood than it would receive under ordinary circum-

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ever been claimed for it. In nocturnal emissions resulting from self-

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Modus Operandi of Mercury. — The author objects to

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identification of patients was delegated to physicians’ office

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there are but few exceptions to this rule. Cases referred for treat-

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who may not be skilful practical chemists. Almost any one is competent

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flammation of the lungs. The kidneys, pleura, peri-

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Symptoms. — The condition is characterized by the appear-

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of Henle, Fiirst, Braune, Heitzmann, Hart, Piragoff,

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rapidly breaks down; and is practically al- generally in severe myocarditis with de-

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he had personally tried almost the full list. In diph-

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ness of Mind in Relation to Criminal Acts,' 1854, pp. 5, 16, 39.)

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Treatment. — I shall say but a few words upon this topic.

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the phenomena ordinarily spoken of as chronic inflam-

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latter affection, in its most typical form, is sometimes really the result of