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The method of determining these energy values may be conven-
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by the resident pathologist of The Johns Hopkins Hospital or one of
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other counties may be either added to the provisionally quarantined
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bidity disappeared on warming the serum, but the sediment remained,
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conditions encountered. The most common causes for surgical interference
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1948. The state plan resulting from the survey for the
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The investigations are complicated, requiring the services of not less
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Omaha. These figures, excepting the first table, are compiled from
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respective States. Columbia is over 400 miles nearer New York
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the sponsorship of the Department of Education of the
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negative for pathologic findings. The swelling began to
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instance did the control perfusion show any variation in reducing
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der Speiserohre mit Trachealfistel.'' Arch, fiir Kinderheilk.,
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19. FiBiOER, J. : Nordifikt Medicinskt Ark., 1901, IV, 1.
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practicable, prescribed by the writer and administered, the explana-
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it is of extremely constant depth in the adult. It is not iiuich alTected in
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end of the cut plexus does cause it. On the one hand, therefore, tlu'ie
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catheter passes readily into the common duct which is
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(From the Department of Pathology, The Johns Hopkins University,
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ular worms, if kept on a clean board floor and supplied with clean
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'hiikiii. II. K.: ( iiii.l «.■ lurti.iiM ill 111.' Aiiiniiil r."'lv. .\|..ii..^rii|'li-. m Hi"
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Crews, Robert N Fulton McCall, Greene D Fulton Williamson, William H.
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examination of the living animal. (See Plates I and II.) The law
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Harry A's illness, and he was still so weak that he had to be lifted in
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mononuclear. (No striking number of eosinophilic leucocytes was
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The next child to become ill was Billy C, aged 4. It will be remem-
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from various quarters, and material from suspected cases has been
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floor is by a central driveway over a bridge, avoiding any banking
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tonitis may be hematogenous in origin, or result from the migration
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s\-.|rlll liy lli.tilli; til.' I'lV.ct^ «hirll lujlnu .l.^^tlllcti I' -t i lllllla I i.HI "!'
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Regulation S6. — Headboards, footboards, division boards, flooring and foot locks of the
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rays. He has also noted three cases treated with radium by Mazzochi,
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inspection said cattle shall be moved immediately, without exposure to the infection of
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culture was typically bovine in its early morphology (PL XVII, fig.
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side, and ham of each carcass. The meat of the *' B *' carcasses Is withheld from ship-
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From the Department of Surgery. Jewish Hospital, and
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ently, 10,000 horses and 13,000 mules must be raised or brought into
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cardiac dullness extended 12.5 cm. to the left and 4.5 cm. to the right of the