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meg, salt to taste, and a little molasses to color it,
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This detailed report should be made out on the individual report
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rabbits, some receiving jnire cultures of the tubercle bacillus, others
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submitted to the Council in 6 months. The report with the recom-
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Utilization of the collodion sacs, which yielded such fertile results
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Convalescence uninterrupted. Patient discharged September 29.
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consumption of tissue to maintain the body-warmth. In the first three days,
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Bouillons and soups taken regularly at the principal meal in-
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The normal phrenosplenic ligament, which is rather lax and not
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cannot too strongly be insisted upon in an estimate of predisposing
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substitute for it “reactivities.” He hopes for a better word with
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used during the irrigations. The results of antiseptic intestinal medication
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chemotherapy and hormone therapy not withstanding, the
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illustrates this mode of infection. In Kharkov (Russia) twenty em-
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delirium and restlessness would cease. That was my first case
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come fatal before the treatment becomes operative. So, too, the re-
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alleged to have occurred, and possibly not until some hours or days
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sionally such things as ham, smoked tongue, and even pickled or salt
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cup of cream, three eggs, a spoonful of molasses, half
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take its course, and run ten days." H. C. Sinolaib,
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only. In many cases of poisoning a portion of the material which has
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bility may be elicited over the sacroiliac joints, especially in very
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■with Yerneuil, of Paris, in 1890. The hot air is to be applied to the
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20 centimetres or more, and if this does not give enough working
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its suspensory ligaments. The normal spleen is held m situ by strong
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cords of equal length, apply N. P. to the feet, P. P. to the
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ElectHcal Treatment. — Take A D current, pretty strong force.
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pulmonary tissue will also cause increased vocal fremitus, especially
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Copies of the prospectus may be obtained in any State from securities dealers who m;
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A. Grand Rounds, Thursdays, 8-9 a.m., Kapiolani Women’s and
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stump of a vessel buries it sufficiently to insure against early hemor-