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ratory organs. In a series of 799 cases reported from the Boston
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and another 5 ft. further on, about 6 in. of the gut being invaginated.
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In reference to the third question, I pointed out that the corpuscles
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eleven of those that had not been inoculated were severely
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among the neat-cattle of Rhode Island ; the whole covering 177
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are free from undigested food, with perhaps the exception of
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veterinary police, that all infected herds should be
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off a large proportion of the children whom it attacks, and not unfrequently
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Y., 1899, V, 309-312.— Bock ( E. ) Ueber friihzeitiges
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Researches in Regard to Arterial Pressure in Chloroform
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that there are two distinct and separate fistula?. The reason for
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those reached by Fisher, Gunn and Russell in research laboratories,
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bility of such an accident remains as a commonplace for folklore
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margin of the conjunctiva, forming a web or mesh of vessels on
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rious attempts, more or less successful, have been made to demonstrate that this
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Some of them (have gone so far as to give public and published
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lesion the difficulties in preventing injury are no doubt greatest, but it
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by adhesion or pressure. The finger discovers no tenderness, and
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Imposition of restraint. — By restraint in a legal sense we are to understand
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amount of money and want to spend a reasonable amount of time with your
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That the disease is caused by an intestinal worm— the anchylostoma
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It is some twenty years since ethyl chloride was, by mistake, used as
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rise to mingled feelings of regret and satisfaction. In the
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and Eisberg and myself, with Dr. McGaughey. The physi-
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way nowadays. But another effect of the crusade against tight
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the edge of the wound, and the cavity thus carefully filled. The rest of the dress-
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bacilli. The percentages estimated by most pathologists, who usually
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a radiograph. Many radiographs of three or four second-