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subacute, and the symptom-complex embraces a multiplicity of phenom-
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the syphilitic virus upon the ovum or of the presence of gummatous
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posture, than in pericarditis. No friction-murmurs are heard and no
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given. The enlarged lingual tonsillar tissue is very often the cause
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Distoma Hematobium {Bilharzia hematohia ; Blood-flukes). —
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and serous elements of the discharges ; also during life in the blood and
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Report of Cases. By Nelson M. Wood, M.D. .. .. .. 965
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urnine gout," so called, is described as a result of chronic plumbism.
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crises. Vaso-motor symptoms — flushing, sweating — are sometimes ob-
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diphtheria. Wiry, thin children seem to stand broncho-pneumonia better
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with some pus and blood on the bulb after its withdrawal. Rest from
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presses apart the tubules, and is particularly marked toward the surface
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the left scapular zone. The skin over the tumors has been described.
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the patient should be resorted to, and the administration of arsenic in
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Symptoms. — Generally the patient is seized without any warning,
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in cardiac, renal, or ])ulmonary disease; (</) the result of strain — e. g.
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hence is rarely found in the urinary sediment. Tyrosin, on the other
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is usually bluish and cold, and swells if kept in a dependent position.
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1 per cent, to 2 per cent, in mild cases, to 5 or even 10 per cent, in
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jections. It is characteristic of nervous diarrhea that the stools follow
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grave condition, uremia, even in its most acute and violent forms, is not
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ties, as a rule, though after the cachexia has become decided it is often
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The editor is in receipt of the Clinical Research leaflet, No. 1, pub-
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advises against treatment of the former disease in tuberculous persons.
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intermittently, -when no food is present. An epigast7-ic gnawing pain
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having been present in 7 per cent, only of 1400 cases (J. F. Mitchell).
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Rupture of contiguous abscesses into the urinary tract is accompanied