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years, and recently the subject has been repeatedly discussed. In 1884

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It is often most difficult to determine when a pyelitis goes over into a pyelo-

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conclusion that infantile interstitial nephritis may be produced by toxins

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long period without the other changes; the hard oedema begins to disappear

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A word of caution is perhaps not out of order regarding the use of drugs

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in-essure: a clear lluid s<'parates and this contains tlu' enzymes. Am

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''''"'•""" ■■"ii""i'^ 1 is usually present in small annuints in human

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The Tension of CO, and 0, in the Arterial Blood.— If we were to

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'i.:'..iil,\ of the walls of the arteries. To iiliiicrstalid why this should he

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thyroid, but they may even be capaole of carrying on the same function. It

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Since many of these growths occur within the abdomen or thorax, 3 of

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for which are furnished at stated intervals bv a central bureau to which the

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some exciting cause, such as cold, unsanitary surroundings, trauma (either

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oxidation ill the hlood itself: indee.I, we slioiil.l expect a eertain deuTe

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It will he iihservid: (\ tluit the I'-wiive necurs Just jiiiteeeileiit tii eiui-

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i'liriin>I vviiiks willi |iilii- ^ciliil 11.11^, wlilli' ill!' |ili\ Niiilii'_'i>l liiis 111 il>i'

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bodies and (cortical) adrenal tissue are found, and the tissue around the

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The exai't hieation of Ihe nerve (ells tliat form the center of (liseliari;

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siil.Ntiiiir..s ii |.,Mniiiil.iiil\ \iiii.>. not Ml :ill with ilic |.li> sit-al

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it may appear normal, presents lesions of nephritis, "la nephrite lithiasique."

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vrars. Iliic nf iliis,. „,.,s ||,„t III,' .iiiiim. iMi-.iinr ilraiiiiiiatnl iN'M.

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as iiidieatinii' the eMent of protein near and t.'ar in the hody. I,., -

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in dilTcrciit classes of aniniMls, it is not surpri.- iuj; that the iiioxcnicnl^

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usually entirely absent when they occm* in arthritis deformans. So that, as

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^M II, nlliiwiiiy; tiic MimmI tn f.ill into tlif vciitriflf.

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5. Occupation, Past and Present. — This topic is too large for adequate

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Mankovsky, Gontscharukof, Yates, MacCallum, and Portis need not be

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!is iiiitlmrity for st;it«'iMi'iits of fjicl wliirli nuiy .•iioiisi' in the iciidiT m

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mixed infection, while it is not at all uncommon for the urine to become

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uiil, the result that the kidney volume expamls in i>roportion to tho

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,- ' ''~''i"li"ii Ih -.llHulitu- .Ir.-i^n l„'tw.-.ii i.nln.nni, \ , ril i.-ii .-i.i.l .ili.c.l.r v.nlil.ii .. t

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valgum, or rupture of pelvic articulations may have to be considered. Hys-

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Hie pulmonary nc lesser circulation, as it is called, is <piite dilTcrent

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lilnnd (hirini; its jiassajfc thrnii^h the lissnes, and Ihe eirnr thereh.x

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That the vessels call iind,'!'-.. a process of eonstricliou has heen sho« n

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tion is not absent; it is retarded in the case of the long bones, while the

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As to the bacteria found in bacteriuria, the colon bacillus is met with in

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of (leiicrvated muscle when a wave of contraction passes alons; it (pai:<'

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is easy. The abundance of albumin and casts, the markeid oedema, the slight

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another name for floxin

practically identical in the two portions examined. In the fifth case, after

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