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obstruction for the remainder of the individual's life. One of the most

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pression of the urine may then occur at any moment ; or if the impedi-

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competent, maintain that, unless the eruption be ])resent at some })eriod

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blood are equally as great as any safe antiseptic which might be intro-

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the commencement of expiration, small-sized bubbling rales are heard over

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some organic disease of the lungs, the prognosis is unfavorable. The

what is aygestin 5 mg used for

paralysis of various muscles or groups of muscles is a frequent sequel.

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patient. These are best marked over and between the scapulae. The

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ting the limb below. Sometimes effort at muscular action by

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active, violent character. Whenever delirium is present it is important

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large cells, filled with numerous oil globules, appear along the track of

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them to the trade at a low price, so that the dealers get a better profit

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the second left intercostal space. This increased area of dulness will only

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tolerated longer than that of any other organ. Death is reached either by

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have to pass the greater part of their lives in bed, and prisoners who are

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is called hemorrhagic. When the eruption is very abundant, little vesicles

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1 There is a variety of haematuria which occurs in tropical countries (Egypt, Brazil' and Cape of Good

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diagnosis. The veins of tlie abdomen, and often those of the thorax, be-

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hyiDcrtrophied, is not able to overcome the obstruction to the circulation

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0U8 elTusioii may not be absorbed for months, and then the pleuritic thick-

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cular contraction, when the pressure of the soft-parts will push the ends

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chlorate of potash may be used as a wash or gargle and internally, and will

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of the glenoid cavity, and, in some cases, because of a relaxed or weak-