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covery with gradual disappearance of the fistula. These cases

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dent; Bert Edward Goodman, vice-president; Atlee David

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corpus cavernosum, the helicine arteries — that is, arteries which, to the

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nerves, etc. Artificial diabetes may also be induced by injections

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the superposed autointoxication, is the key to the syndrome

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until, in 1834, the forty-fifth operation was performed. Meanwhile, by the

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Bbun. — rBenign, encysted pneumococcus peritonitis. is speedily

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these cases. The number of doses should not necessarily be

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sentative cases of each of the two diseases, in which have

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The following appears to be the order of formation, as to time, of the

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or is not a modified type of typhoid or malarial fever.

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of the present volume was the appearance of the following unauthorised

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should have been a nephrectomy and not a nephrotomy,

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23, 43 cases, 1 death; Toledo, March 16-23, 1 case.

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progress, to found a school where the science and art of this

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this journal. The report before us comprises the whole of the surgical expe-

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lumbar pain has occasionally been noticed, I doubt if

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usually die in from four to seven or eleven days. The cause is

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tried several physicians with no more than temporary relief.

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since which time the disease has been running a rather

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half year. Not more than two ounces of serum flowed, but on a probe being

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ture can not be studied by laryngoscopy. Although he

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Osier, in his paper, dwells especially, however, on the

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the greater part of the cornea was found opaque, and there was closure of the natural

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this calculation applies the forceps or lever but once in six or eight years, and

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of exploiting any new or peculiar method of diagnosis

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This incision permits the operator to pull the lobule and

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and then a Turkish bath. This may well be followed by

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by him. In one instance, the pain yielded to one enema, containing an

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great attention paid to its control; but now, in later

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et se prolongeait en s'amincissant dans son interieur." This description

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We have at this time before us a copy of the original " Rapport sur le