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interstices are still filled up with the unmodified phalanx proc-

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Laennec's theory of the production of bruit de soufflet is no

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by Held (17, 19, 20), Hohngren (22), Bielschowsky (9), and Wolff

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blood is so altered that it escapes from the vessels ; or, the nutrition of

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A very slender blood-vessel (fig. 43, bl.v.) winds aroimd the

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all the patients but two were women ; and in women affected with articu-

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In 1830 Dr. Spittal of Edinburgh, in a very valuable work

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state, day after day, that the oxide of antimony has fallen into an

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h3'podermic morphia, and even the latter is often surpassed b3^ it in per-

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Tartar Emetic and Opium in the Delirium of Fever. — (Ao/e hi/

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Rickenbacher ('01, p. 402) seemingly ascribes a similar origin to

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between Ihe external labia pudendi, an expedient quite as effectual

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tion similar to that of the nucleolus, although I am not- sure

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tolerance of alcoholics. Jenner cites a case in which two drachms of

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the face and neck. The eruption rapidly diffused over the cutaneous

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jection found egress therefrom with so much facility ? The

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volutions in proportion to the amount of ventricular effusion, and soft-

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fineness as to require the use of a brush to pass it through. That which remains

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which intermittent fever prevails as the ague cake. Enlargement has

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As to the nature of the bands or cords which constitute the

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resort to repeated bloodlettings, cathartics, or other lowering measures.

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To accommodate these the volume has been printed in a smaller type, so as to prevent any

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any rate proportional to the violence of the respiratory activity."

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matter used. Dr. Henry G. Pifi'ard, however, has reported cases in which

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dence, now and then he stopped and performed his jumping movements

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ures which have been more or less in vogue during the period just named

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chatter, and the movements of the body and limbs are sometimes suffi-

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acceleration of the pulse and heat of the surface are greater than at the

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minate in a spiral (fig. 17) about this process. The fibers form-

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ton. Do. Practical Remarks on Vaccination by Dr. Frank P. Forster, in Neu-