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enutzte Reiskleie in Fallen von menschlicher Beriberi mit gutem Erfolge.
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(1) 24th day (Jan. 18, 1916). B 143. Small shadow right apex.
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in bandaging, and the other Dr. Donhauser's course in emergen-
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ance, its duration, and its degree leave us in a position where
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occurrence of headache. In one patient, a practically continuous
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which holds the first place among substances preventing coag-
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not shake this argument. No test of the physical well-
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No good refraction work is possible by a man whose aim is
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the red blood-solution add a few drops of alcoholic solution of
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body was recovered on November 3, or fourteen days later.
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were necessary. As it was previously found (Cooper, 1913) that 3 gms.
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Hospital, and always had the esteem and trust of his fellows
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from her vulva after the baby has breathed and cried, and then
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with a view to their resuscitation. The indications for treat-
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mingled with the seminal stains or separate from them, will fre-
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“Classical Drugs: Clemastine (N = 137); Chlorpheniramine (N = 100). Phemramine Maieale (N = 47);
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which go to show that while, in some instances, solution of euglobulin by
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clinics and for bedside instruction, and relatively little attempt
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wounded, the first to be killed in battle. The first man from
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for reduction is also going on just as certainly in the cell, and per-
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nationally recognized for its support of the arts, as well
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spectacles with some one, etc. Loosened lenses may be
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Julie Ayers, Sarah Dore, Robert Jones, John Carothers
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enter into this war will seriously tax the resources of the country for
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ectomized puppy; four months of treatment with daily pituitary hetero-
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has revealed nothing justifying the conclusion that the person
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leaves on the brain, short of the gross lesions mentioned
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The suspension of respiration which marks the first period
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upon an insecure coal-hole cover ; falls into a hole in a side-
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series of larvae (Table XL (a)) are the progeny of adults that emerged