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of Pumpherstone, " under culloure and cloik " of marriage to her
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will risk what little reputation I have as a physician, that I
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mittee and others, the anesthetic effect of ether, which
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woula have in becoming a civil eneineer, or as he would
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of the Council, 154 Bay Street, Toronto, on December 22nd last. A
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official representative body of the registered students at the School of Medicine. Council duties
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changes take place in the structures; functional when there is a derange-
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is said to make curetting of the larynx in tuberculosis much
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assumed to exist in fresh vegetable food. To fat soluble A
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acne, herpes and urticaria, or there may be only a persistent
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where the needle was introduced. The ether used was tested and found to
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the prevention of pregnancy will be adopted ; but we are inclined
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ports carrying Army troops to Europe the mortality from influenza
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type of vaccine used. The types of vaccine which had been employed
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Fort William, North Bay and the Soo, and four in Old Ontario. The
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a local reputation just as great as is proportioned to the accidental position of the
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cold extremities. In nearly all cases ending fatally within a
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and elimination of the Echinococcus cysts with feces through the intestinal
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Ueber hochgelegene Mastdarmstrikturen. Kiimmel, H. Volk-
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effect of feeding the above thyroid preparations upon the resistance
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organ affected. The embryos pass quickly from the gastro-intestinal
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The Rush Medical College will introduce coeducation in all
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1994 Citation of Excellence, Color Photography. Central Illinois
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had regular normal faecal evacuations, and was pronounced
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land, Cambridge and Newburyport one each. From malarial
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Semeiology. — Comes on gradually, usually associated with an un-
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Physicians of Edinburgh stated that it was probably from the thoracic
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exactly correspond to that at which the sound was found to disappear.
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membrane is not sufficient for inoculation. It is not sufficient
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alkaline solution of thymol with iodine. It gradually becomes paler in
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rant people found a subject for jest and raillery in the thought
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animals is does not seem clear, but that they have some par-
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exceeded twenty-four hours. Some observers place it at five or even
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healthy men in clean clothing. The milk should be immedi-
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its ability to coagulate milk and slowly digest the curd. If an indi-
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ammonium chlorid. A mixture which contains one drop
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The ventriculus is a thin-walled sac consisting of a central and twr
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