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and promotions given only on the occurrence of vacancies. In any
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Finally, we would briefly refer to the fact that under certain conditions
referred pain in visceral disturbances in much the same way. — K.]
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prizes who does not present from the master of the school at
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which the different sections are affected varies considerably. We have seen in
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quarts (8,000 to 12,000 c.c), Under suitable treatment and with proper
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As regards the cause of the coma, the above-mentioned investigations of
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or sometimes mute in response to a delusion. With all this there is little or
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This, like the above, is not an independent medical school, but
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of the disease to the region of the pyramids, but in many instances the extremi-
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settle in a large doth. The kettles are usually constructed of copper because Swiss
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hemianopsia; of the temporal lobe, auditory disturbances, such as word deaf-
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awarded for the same subjects as the Torr ; open to first year's men ;
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John Richard Wardell, M.D. Edin., Belmont, Tiinhridge
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In faradic examination the normal condition is that we can provoke
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variety, but it may assume a hemorrhagic character. Bronchitis also may
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Strength of stoqk solution X 7^ = to stock solution to
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The Marie J. Mergler Scholarship provides annual fees for a young woman student
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degree of M.D. after a regular course of study not less than thre&
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stition, and no treatment is more to be condemned than to treat a case of
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of the lesion in the affected half of the spinal cord. If all the motor fibers
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Grammar. (5) Arithmetic, including Fractions, Decimals, and Pro-
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the banisters, and the third or fourth attempt failed utterly on account of the
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•of Bahia. The curriculum is of six years' duration. The final examina-
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the ganglion-cell groups in the anterior horns of the cord for the muscles of
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QcUd Medal, the examinations are conducted by printed questioBS exclusively.
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genetic conception of certain symptoms. It is impossible, in this place, to
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unstable equilibrium, and often it is not possible to cure this. If not, the
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Either the medical or surgical practice may be taken out on payment at
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draw together, fonninq the chalaziferous layer and the chalazae (pronounced Kah-lay'za).