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extended. He was then discharged as cured, and I saw nothing more

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The Blood. — An examination of the blood reveals a reduc-

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plate itself occupied. During the attack of croup the plate

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among the simple and very efficient remedies. — (40).

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its more highly oxygenated blood is the most common seat of

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earthy matter h&ving taken place in patches, and the red substance occupied its place. The

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the affected muscles for other muscular functions. The intimate relation between

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1876.] Recent Progress in Grenito- Urinary Surgery. 649

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9. " On the Demonstration of the Presence of Iron in Chro

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racterized by an increase of fibrin in the blood, and by the formatioQ of deposits of

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Transactions of the Texas State Medical Association, 1874. Houston, 1874.

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Webb, A.: Craniotomy and Eviscerotomy . Medical and Surgical

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there is a small and beautiful harbor with placid Avaters and sandy

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never have, during my 27 years practice, given mercury, or bled. I

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sense carrying out a unique crusade against reason and

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gone and had been in pain all night, with consider-

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paralysed muscles do not, however, respond to faradism, and it is time

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and never returned ; only a little coagulated blood came along with the ovum.

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them ; and the propensity to plunder, so notoriously p.ttached to the

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tinues through the fall months ; the increase over July is

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It is not yet twelve months since the death of the unfortunate Mrs.

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hamstring tendons. Fluctuation can be felt both external and internal to these tendons,

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dix. The first chapter contains the early literature on

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ponent to the pain. Experimental evidence suggests that

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outbreak was distinctly due to the use of the sewage-contaminated wat«

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