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presence of ferriperoxid. While this is less poisonous than

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been felt by the early students of anatomy. Just at

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ferment, which effects this change as well as the saliva. As Prof. Flint,

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ease, etc., etc.). Ani. Med. -Surg. Bull., If. Y", 1893, vi,

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This is the second case of the kind that I have encountered.

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engorged, and, congestion assuming an active type, nutrition is

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and nitrous acids, but would only venture to point out that chloralum cannot

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with regard to the animal economy, in health and disease,

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forming the clivus Blumenbachii, which is cartilaginous

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army-kitchens appear to believe. On the contrary, there is

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;hat fluid. The reduction is attributed to other causes, such as a

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by several veterinarians in imported American cattle, and chiefly

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obstruct the passage of atmospheric air to the lungs.

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by the State Association were adopted. The following officers

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ened skin or a tubercle shows the corium and underlying connective tissue

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that persons with impaired respiratory organs have experienced

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develop. Mental symptoms are especially pronounced in frontal lobe

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growing colonies of streptococci in the twenty-four-hour blood-serum

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other fatal case referred to occurred in a good house, which was occupied by a

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tactile sensibility over a considerable area; in other

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tasis, we must resort to surgical interference. It is the

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it, were either alternated or combined with the calomel ; and

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does not argue against its proper use. The book-notice is an integral,

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reading over and analysing my cases. Out of a much larger

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The disease usually manifests itself, without premo-

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** From the above facts it would appear that qninodine ranks highest as a

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Paniqihtli ilii.itis mit Bacillenbefund bei einer Ziege, nebst

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tured preparations of the thyroid gland, some of which are impure and even

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strychnine in his possession, and ho asked a veterinary Surgeon

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It has seemed to me that I might hold your attention