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pregnancy has not been established. Therefore use of Bronkodyl during lacta-

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by a panel of medical, legal, and insurance experts appointed by him.

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Decriminalizes marihuana by removing criminal sanctions from

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not respond to the vaccine. The vaccine is not recommended

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10. Congress of the United States, Congressional Budget Office:

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whitish in colour. Microscopically examined, blood-corpuscles

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It frequently happens that, instead of an inflammatory crust

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A3'172 B. MALLEI. — (1) Prepare in a similar way to bacillary

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cavities of the heart appear to be normal, and the heart-sub-

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system function, including renal, hepatic, and hemato-

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The microscopical and chemical characters of the globules of the

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A transient increase in hemoglobin level observed in both of

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Experimental Investigation Into the P r o t ec ti ve

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Vol. 16, p. 169, as well as in the text, it is asserted that

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the present series, three patients developed cardiopulmonary

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