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drink all the more milk if it eat its bread plain. A similar plan of

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1074. — Zur Aetiologie der Actinomykose. Wiener klin. Wchnsch., (1894),

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palpation, which the patients usually fear greatly, we feel a tumor,

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ening to become chronic, but in whom it has not as yet assumed an in-

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None of these cases showed symptoms which could definitely be at-

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cells in the spleens of animals, which some observers regard as phys-

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acceptable explanation of the reddening of the cheek, which often

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contains a large amount of clear, amber -colored urine. Mucosa is very pale,

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method of treatment based on this theory is giving results that are little

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others very late, without any corresponding change in the other symp-

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genus determination, other genera could be removed from the group

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we should apply the leeches ourselves, or employ an expert to do it,

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Anatomical Appearances. — The typhous ulcer presents a loss of

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velope, and the more numerous its vessels, and the thinner their walls.

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The same objections that we have raised to considering whooping-

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in deceiving the patient, by affecting to make light of the affair, and

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partly intensely yellow, as a result of the retention of bile induced by

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* Depage. Un cas d' actinomycose. Bull. Soc. roy. sc. mdd. et nat. de Brux.,

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The points of distinction between acute bronchial catarrh and acute

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the patient. With this object in view, the very customary use of

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low palsy of any individual muscle, or group of muscles. Pathological

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marks and suggestions, will explain itself. It reads as follows :

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3. Lastly, ascites not unfrequently accompanies extensive degenera-

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unable to fulfil the indications for the disease itself!

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Under the head 61 haemorrhage from the respiratory organs, accord-

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actinomycosique de la fesse et de la partie posteroexterne de la cuisse gauche.

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history of the disease. His work has been confirmed by MacCallum and others

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polynuclear cells, 30 per cent; transitional, 5 per cent. There are no nucleated

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often even in folds. The parenchyma is relaxed and flabby, and the

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the rate of breathing with the elevation of temperature and the fre-

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Dr. Henry J. Nichols, first lieutenant, United States Army, Division

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the lower extremities, genital organs, and abdominal walls, resulting

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especially those on the subject of hernia and the diseases of

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lated effusion of very tjon&iderable magnitude may form between the

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3. Fruit is wholesome, and may generally be eaten raw with impunity, provided

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that this hypothesis would be satisfactory if the enlargement of the

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There has been no pulsation in the tumor since the operation.

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the year 1903, Hindus 8G.06, Mussulmen 77.21, Parsees 31.17, Europeans

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sometimes a circumscribed, painless, hard swelling remains for a while

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softly and very quickly, is remarkably drowsy, does not cry as it

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processes cover the arytenoid cartilages that he describes this laryngo-

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only when it is partially attached by adhesions to the thoracic wall

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vaccination. Since the completion of the vaccination not a single death