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4. Acri-form {forma, likeness). Air-like ; a term applied to gaseous
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DIATHE'RMANOUS (dn«, through, Otppaivu), to warm). A
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volutions of the vasa efferentia, external to the testis.
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THE'CA (flijKii, a case). 1. A term commonly applied to the strong
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KiVzVe, the penis, &c. It is not said of the head. See jirtus.
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medicaments. In Acute, Inflammatory Fevers, Rheumatism, Neuralgia,
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proynostic, when they indicate the result of the disease : pathognomonic,
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the spine, or limbs, when they are bent from tlicir natural form.
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6. Succkolactic acid. An acid first obtained from sugar of milk, now
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FUSIBILITY (fusus, melted or poured out). The property by
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FLUX { fiuere, to flow). A discharge ; another term for diarrhoea.
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the rectus externus is called abductor oculi from its action in drawing
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offering all forms of treatment, including electric shock.
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monatomic, diatomic, and triatomic alcohols, according to their
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3. Enarthrosis (tv, in, agQpoiai^, articulation). Ball-and-socket