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tubercular matter is deposited in the glands — for then internal tubercle
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not dispose of the accumulations of mucus which were con-
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there is no such thing as acclimation to miasmatic localities ; in other words, that
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officers it has been possible accurately to locate the points of attack,
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sence of other organic matters as well as by sugar. I would admit no case as
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sor&ces of paper together. In some cases the sound differs little if at all
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without recurring to ancient history, that Hyder Ali, and Tippoo, ^^ bis
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other colics, frequently affording immediate relief. An
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gave insufficient relief, and pure vinegar had to be applied.
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the earth through the medium of the ether, by what we
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tubes, no harm results to the course of labour. Fundal fixation,
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application, and it is probable in practice that failures often result from
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fever the red corpuscles, which are infected with the parasite, have a
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vicinity. There have been many severe cases, and some that have ter-
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" mechanical, and chronic endometritis. By A. Hall, M.D 250
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own experience, that a properly constructed instrument may be used
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Ibid., 1899, xxxviii, 481; 494; 511. — I.oew. Phy-
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the nature of the work, and its great range of subjects, it is
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duced unconsciousness nor interfered with the cerebral func-
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The difiSculties which have heretofore prevented flax from being
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years ago disease of right breast, possibly still active. About eight
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what criteria. Fortunately for the surgeons, the in-
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the tonsil swelled rapidly, though in rare instances tlio
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Case 6. — Ehrendorfer' reports an interesting case
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it was at a height equal to that caused by the initial pressor effect.
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Mix. Inject from five to ten drops at each operation.
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denied, migraine was present in 10 of the 17 cases reported. Five had attacks
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constituting from two to three doses, according to the strength of
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stiffness, phlebitis and lowers blood pressure. C. H, Mayo says that