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to lessening resort of patients to other lands in search of health.

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heavy, tense intracranial sensation, so hard to bear, is relieved.

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It will be observed that cases of erysipelas, occurring chiefly amongst

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vital powers. The statement that patients with pneumonitis should be

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patients in whom quinine acts well not only recover

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consent, tliis, and all other diseases of the teeth, are turned over to the

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Gm.) is most valuable in combating respiratory failure,

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It does not smart and has no smell. I have used it in skin

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demanding improvement. That the establishment of public

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female. 19 of the former, and all of the latter were delivered alive. 2 males,

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had given up hope of any benefit resulting, when, at the

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ing tlie dispensary, much discouraged. The diagnosis was as

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respiratory depression in the newborn, especially if higher doses are used.

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was due to spasm, should we not expect to find, and should we not

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147 — Dr. R. P. Beckwith, refund excess dues 2.00

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through soaking well-selected, clean, formalized catgut in a one to five per

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treatment was detailed in one of our journals, he says :

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sufficiency ot" chromaffin tissue causes lack of adrenin,

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on a single disease published in England (Cains' Sweating Sickness,

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of the species of the genus or to a single unnamed species is left un-

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