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system, due to various causes. There are three factors to be kept con-

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young physician never to allow himself to advise marriage to an abject

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I. Senile atrophy of the skin is the result of the same disturbances

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identified them as modifications of the same affection ; hence the change

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and beautiful and lovely as is female virtue, she who devotes

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Med. Sci. April 1895.— 6. Wood, H. C. Amer. Jour. Med. Sci. April 1895.

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the ordinary types of general exfoliative dermatitis. During the last

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It was the physician's way to say whatever he pleased. Un-

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cess when there is any marked falling off in the general bodily condi-

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tions in the composition of the blood are noted, consisting in the

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They are deep red, raised, conical, shining, penetrated by a hair, and

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(Gibert), etc. As will be seen farther on, Erasmus Wilson applied the

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stipation, due to atony of the bowel. Yet such cases are strictly idio-

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Professor Marcet concludes from these incidents that " the conception

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tubercles on the breasts, eyelids, or face, with the history of contagion,

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into a study of the circumstances under which a certain proportion of

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on Observations of 100,000 Children. Published by a Committee at Parkes' Museum,

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fore, there would appear to be a 6 to 1 element of presumption in favour

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ted, ingenious reasons were resorted to to account for the

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A microscopical examination has also been made by Ballantyne, who

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and opposed. I proposed a formal resolution at a meeting of the British Medical Association

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of the skin. These are, in fact, the orifices of the pilo-sebaceous glands ;

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or years to extend. In some cases the induration has gradually

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They have been known to attain a length of 14 or more inches, but as a

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homologue salicylic, but much weaker. It is, however, rarely used,

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a. Guinea pigs, rabbits, white mice, and white rats are routinely

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cases after a prolonged period of secondary stupor, when excitement has

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teeth should be put in order, as bad mastication and the swallowing of

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depends on disease of the brain, is related to changes in the fore-brain

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So far as crimes are concerned, it is shown that acquisitiveness,

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not under local treatment. The scales are usually large, and have been

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tation? The tenant and the house are so inseparable, that

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consulted me ; I likewise found his rectum perfectly healthy to the finger,

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purgative of Hippocrates), made additions, such as musk,

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writers. It is better to indicate a method of selection in the remedies

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failure of the clot to retract, is usually associated with a decrease

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per cent of ichthyol may be applied during the night after the bath ; or,

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asylum (private or public) or hospital for the insane ; or under what is

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gued, the sick was perplexed with distempers in his head, slept un-

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notwithstanding that facts are minimised by relatives and friends ; for