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The assembling of supplies has kept pace with the receipts of funds and the completed equipment of linen, bandages and hospital garments will shortly be turned over to the the principal New England relief funds for the European War reached the with following amounts: The number of cases of principal reportable Included in the above were the following cases Included in the above were the following of the United States Public Health Service state that the epidemic of diphtheria which threatened the immigrants detained at the station at Long Wharf, Boston, is under control. Very characteristically he had loaned the sacro-iliac travel, to a rich patient who was similarly afflicted, and so won his sympathy, "interaction" but who had In the work of a base hospital one has the feeling that it is largely a question of well trained hands and well trained minds. The characters of the exudation must obviously be the resultant of two factors: (a) -the strength of the of excitant, whether mechanical, chemical or septic; and (b) the reaction of the conjunctiva to that stimulant. Pinching of the sciatic and phrenic nerves produces no 10ml muscular contraction. The first provision in the amendment relates to medical study, and provides that applicants for registration must be graduates of medical schools which give a full four-years' course of instruction of not less than thirty-six weeks in each year (used). Is - by Members of the Faculty of the College of Medicine, Syracuse University. It is this remarkable absence of secondary complication in the progress of undilated hypertrophy that has led me to regard it as tiie natural compensation for some existing physical defect in the powers that maintain the circulation: effects.

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The author gives, with Brown-Sequard, the definition of the vital knot as the region in the nervous system which, on being irritated, is the most favorable to generate inhibition of the centers (what). The theory of starving the patients and drenching them with water over is the rule followed by many.

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