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afforded him by the elder Rokitansky of making many postmortem
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fresh appendix these strictures are not made out; and Dr. Abbe
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As soon as I find a patient beginning to have nausea and vomiting, or
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a Legislature with the disfavor of 750,000 votes, or a professionally
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Siah Wound in Abdomen. Dr. P. R. Bolton (May 10th) pre-
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satisfy the authorities that their earned incomes did not exceed
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mineral waters, which are of more value for this purpose than in the removal
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where it is used for the purpose of disinfecting the skin. There is a
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is that which deals with the actuarial side of the matter. Who
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the necessity of making some provision for these untortun-
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with even greater care in the future than has been our wont in the
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accepted as distinct indications for operative interference, and it seems
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whiskey drinker. He has been a beer drinker to some extent.
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their testimony, appears to have been stronger this year than last.
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and attends to her household and social duties as formerly.
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another language than their own ; while the Germans, who have uni-
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broad ligaments, it is difficult for these organs to be injured by
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whiskey, carbonate of ammonium, morphine, and other suitable remedies,
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frequently at this point. Some members of this Society may
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Let us now turn to a consideration of the conditions in the second set
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New York, N. Y.; Address in State Medicine, John B. Hamil-
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his eyes, hence we do not think that a classification of " Disease-
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On the 26th of March and about the eighth week of the disease
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living child. He does not regard Caesarean section as a simple or easy opera-
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growth of conviction that temperance is essential. The prohibition-
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tion, the exploratory incision of Sonnenburg, nor exploratory punctures, which
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tity (perhaps all the mercury is in that form), but is prevented from dissolv-
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statement with the assurances that it was a waste of time to talk
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case, the doctor went on to say: "If we can keep this patient long enough
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and others that the essential lesion of diphtheria is not the for-
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neck hung as an appendix. Examination of the tumor shoAved it to be an
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the lower extremity are normal in ttnatomical construction and functions
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