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emunctories. They have been found in all the tissues of the body. They
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in streaks or diffused through the mass discharged from the bowels.
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him, and with it gently agitated the air over his face ; he was imme-
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rule should be strictly observed by the Fellows, since it would oth-
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0.021 gm. It is not improbable that differences in diet and metabo-
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cases of this kind the Doctor believed, however, to be rare. He did
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In order to estimate the coagulability we discarded the first few cubic centi-
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cold, or sudden changes of temperature. A residence in dark and damp
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ly highly recommended. Sea or brine baths or even ordinary cold water
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tinct chill, but by a chilly sen!<ation. The rise of temperature in con-
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for a time only but entirejy. * * * In another case the plan
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on motion, postponed until the next meeting of the College.
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tysis in pulmonary tuberculosis, the application of narcotics for the
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ually lose their sensibility, and the results are not permanent. The slight-