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cent, were mild cases and recovered without operation ; of the cases
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The diarrhoea which exists in enteritis seems naturally to indicate
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rafndly deprived of its more fluid constituents by exosmose, and di-
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DEFINITION. Modifications of gastric function independent of ana-
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ular. Localized pareses or paralyses may take place, and Osier notes the
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In America the third in importance of the narcotic habits is that
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difficulty. The fluid from the former is sufficiently characteristic, while
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epileptiform convulsions. Indeed, so-called senile epilepsy is a frequent
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depend upon the number of bacilli present, the structure of the organ,
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or 130 F., have been recorded from time to time as occurring in hysteri-
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order, even though the greatest care be taken not to overwork it.
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from foreign bodies, the evacuation of perioesophageal abscesses or softened
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brick- dust sediment readily forms when the urine is allowed to stand,
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is perhaps the most effective. The patient being laid upon his back on
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death may occur in from five to eight days ; or by abatement of the local
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for its object the lessening of the fluids of the body by cutting off the
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The manner of coating the leaden pipes is very simple : it being
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hours for its life-cycle, and produces usually from five to ten sporules,
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November 1— The General called, and I find the fragment perfectly
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toms is evidence of the septic or pyaemic nature of the process.
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External Popliteal Nerve. If the foot cannot be flexed or abducted,
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Organic murmurs vary in intensity, pitch, and character, and when sys-
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ball abou^t midway between the mastoid process and the vertex on the
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stimulation or powerful anodynes, never manifested a delirious mind.
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traordinary appearance of age. Owing to the greater strength of th<
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all anxiety is lost ; there remains, however, an increasing epigastric
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or other collapse with vaso-motor paralysis alcohol is of little value.
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although the tubercular process may localize itself in a definite portion
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and soles and between the fingers and toes, but may be found every-
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individual needs and condition of the patient, and to treat any symptoms
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sheaths. Westphal and some other pathologists state that preceding this
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The military surffeon has no question submitted to his discretion of
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a bougie, what might not happen after a single sitting of lithotrity ? —
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