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* In pulmonary diseases, this continued discharge is often very useful, and should be
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happens that these medicines do not remove the aguish fits entirely and
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On motion the reports were accepted, and ordered to be placed on
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minute arteries and veins, and then to the larger trunks ; until, at last,
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mechanical irritation and tliis vital process. He who inquires into the
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ation from a healthy functional activity was a great dryness and
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but still the pain was troublesome, and as the season continued un-
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article Chorea, in Copland's Dictionary of Practical Medicine.
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not in Victories of Blood and Cruelty, not for Domi-
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It has all the Virtues of the Spirit and TinGure, but
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These cysts were first noted by Wenyon (1915) and have been more fully described
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Two months after confinement, which occurred in May, Mrs^ T.
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Since its adoption, public executions in Dublin have ceased " to draw."
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of fermentation, which is not checked by the action of the stomach,
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dertake the treatment of dangerous illness in the members of their own
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Case 1. — " I first saw J. K , aged 14, onEriday evening, March
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tural arrangement, combination of atoms, and in all their phe-
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and importance of vaccination. And ^-et there are physicians — and
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cases, but have not returned after the first dose of Phosphorus.
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quantity of bihous yellow fluid from his bowels. He had also enjoyed
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observations prove that hypertrophy of the heart is not always attended
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der : Being given in White Wine, a little before the
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the ancients, concerning the existence of critical days in fevers, an
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rangement of his digestive organs. He suffered from occasional chills,
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duces the pulse, even as low as thirty-five a minute." Saunders
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In a healthy condition, the epiglottis is of a pale salmon or
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We have had several cases in wliich the nose became purple in fever,
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homoeopathic remedies, selected with the greatest care, were adminis-
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discovery of this fact is due to the investigations of Henle, and has been confirmed by the
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months with tinct. of iodine. Strange to say, the woman improved