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mitral valve Avas so diseased as to alloAv reflux, the sound so produced AA^ould
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is the effect and not the cause of tetanic irritation, is also a very frequent result of
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principle that the physician must strive to calm the ex-
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catgut, just as it is bought from the dealer, is wound, preferably in a
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taneously for aneurysm of the innominate artery. There re-
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students, they must limit themselves mainly to the inculcation of
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ethically unacceptable. The subjects were 1,360 patients
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attacks as angenoid, indicating resemblance rather than identity.
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Sixty-seventh Annual Session begins September 28, 1921.
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into a funnel connected to the glass tube containing the mitral
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ural History of which the materials were collected and
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4. Miss F. R., single, aged thirty-five, first consulted
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cidal substance formed during insolation. Accurate data as to the amount of
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dysentery as distinct, on the one hand, from the acute, and, on the other
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shadow of death" to all civilized nations — and to plant her standard on
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chances of recurrence, as affected by the method adopted, appeared to the
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tion is absolutely fallacious and inoperative. The period also can only be
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ice in this direction must be controlled by the following circumstance:
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less thin layer. When in a focus, as is most usual, the collection is
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in Vienna. Tiie guide in tliat institution was tliat
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the same stage as was that of operating for disease of the
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an incision, two and one-half inches long, in the left rectus muscle.
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and Avas in the position it has assumed several times since.
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of sickness and death, fear of sorrow and want, fear of
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hence when the interossei are paralysed there is flexion of the phalangeal,
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and removed it aa far as possible from the lower portion.
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being true, then it rests with us, as diagnosticians, to eliminate the
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ergot— especially since but little was taken and much of that vomited,
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blindly replacing the protruding organ. These statis-
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vation of a great number of cases, that there is a decided
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gall-bladder or its ducts generally occurs suddenly during
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exposed to view. In fact his pamphlet is one of the many eulogies
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tion and nutrition, and even toxic effects. Enthusiastic
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The best material for splints is strong leather, what is called
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be made to gradually traverse the segment of a circle at the foot of the
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be raised higher and higher until, at times, it may reach more than
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typhoid, namely, congestion and tumefaction of Peyer's ( glands,
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Case II. — Chronic chorea in the adult. Male, aged 45 years ; employed as
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the principal feature of the fatal cases has been the presence of pneu-
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Scraping of the peritoneum was advised by Dr. Davis,
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malignant growths into epithelial and gland cancer, villous cancer,