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infrequently proves to have been an injury to the particular joint now suffer-
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rises greatly, even to 107.5° F. (42° C.) or higher.
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insufficient, care. The paralyzed muscles soon atrophy to a greater or less
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years, or during a period extending over four winter and four summer sessions,
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C3f^ #vaJwcj*^ ;^f^d-,f^o^% i^d -?*<3«p Proper dec^s^ci^i ^hoj the «ab|tcf (EVALUAttON^
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Duchenne, in 1860, described for the first time in complete detail the
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William Henry Paine, M.D. Aberdeen, Stroud, Glouces-
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Treatment. — The aim of treatment should be to support the strength by
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fTayor Is between cheiKlar flavor aiwl llmburqer flavor. The body of brick cheese,
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where we can perform passive motion of the paralyzed parts at any joint with
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mark of esteem. The Society, which is incorporated by Boyal charter,
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to be payable in quarterly instalments, provided that on receiving each
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dinioal Surgery, of which two courses will be required of six months' duration ;
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of the parts not too far removed from the hemorrhagic focus.
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symptoms of ocular paralyses which are important in nervous pathology.
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19. Morbid Anatomy. — Museum attendance, required for all students throughout
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is more clearly perceived than simple touch, is explained by the fact that
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one of two ways : in one payment on entrance, £45 ; or in two pay*
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any glycosuria. It is certain that the diabetic has, either entirely or in part,
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per annum for board, &c. Non-resident pupils may attend to any
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fluence of the weight of the limb is diminished. In addition to the reflex
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condition of irritation of the sympathetic (vide supra). In hemicrania para-
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of stuporous melancholia may readily be mistaken for the catatonic form of
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acids of nitrogen, ammonia, olefiant gas, marsh gas, sulphurous and
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Read paragraphs 2b smd 2c on page 7-17 of your Student Text^ '
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taneous and tendon reflexes. Such a paralysis can be produced by nothing
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time to time approve. For the degree of JUT J>. a candidate must be
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ately painful; while, on the other hand, we still more frequently find that a
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to pay expenses, may be regarded by the author first as having failed to pay
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3B. Clinic and Conference Course at the Cook County Hospital. — Topics: Autumn:
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epileptic has a shorter life-expectancy than healthy persons, especially as he
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hold the office of clinical derk for a period of at least six months, or
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my opinion, an agreement between the actual conditions, which are frequently
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Injuries and Diseases of the Cervical Sympathetic. — In conclusion, we
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it may cause the gravest disturbances. Histologically, we have here such
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Meshken, Jacob, a, w, sp, Bridgeport, Conn. S.B. '37.
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tent of the blood. It is usually somewhere between 0.2 and 0.45 per cent of
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