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Only the wound stimulus is absent in the experiments with grafting,

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On section, masses of gray, hard, well-defined, transparent sclerotic tissue

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tionship of the varieties of pneumococcus to lobar pneumonia and the

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D. Glass perfusion chamber in which the pancreas is suspended by its mesen-

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dental branch of the fifth pair of nerves, resulting from diseased

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3 Da Fano, C, Z. Immunilatsforsch., Orig., 1910, v, 1.

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la put up in a square bottle with truncated corners,

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It is evident then that a detailed description of the results in Series B

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cord beneath the band, and thus cancelling the experiment; and in

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worm lies protected by the dense mucus, detaches the

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Not unfrequently the received opinion of the healthfulness of a

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red, and the place soon turned into a wound, which took four months

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supplied by Dr. Kligler from the collections of the American Museum of Natural

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This pararabin of agar is practically free from nitrogen, containing only 0.23

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Treatment, — In acute ansemia with syncope the head must be lowered at

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to free the suspensions of clumps before they were injected. As a rule,

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should be remarked that the excessive use of mineral waters is contra-

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Consequently, estimations of generation time necessitate frequent observations

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inflamed surface severe on motion or handling; healthy granulations

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performed in more advanced age ; and that it is always advifaUe to

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her tongue heavily coated with a thick white fur ; she said she felt well,

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about two and a half or three years old, her mother observed that

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process. Although his results were attacked by Claus and Embden (10) and

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Prognosis. — The prognosis in simple remittent fever is good. Even cases

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lag in the control medium, and for that reason the results are some-

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it has been found necessary to vary the article, in the hope that the

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autopsy presents the following lesions. The pia mater of the con-

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jeoparded, and several in which death has resulted from the prac*

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