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at Newcastle-upon Tyne, we found ourselves compelled to resign our

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she began to have fits, sometimes once a day ; at other times, she

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probe was easily passed for four inches, and could be moved from side

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that the sloughing phageda:na of the civil hospitals, which prevailed

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President of the Canterbury Book-Club in the Chair.

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Miss McLaughlin, Mrs. Mason, and Mrs. Hottermann, have gone as

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expeditiously and satisfactorily than from less known diseases. So well

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that whoever are to act as the hospital servants of the volunteer field-

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exact regulations, the due examination of those entrusted with the

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gentleman holds a diploma or not. A person, whose name, as far as I can find,

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In the British Medical Journal for August 27th, attention was drawn to some

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already over ^^4000 for water-cushions, waterproof-sheeting, lint, sur-

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dwellings. It was not just that a person should be allowed to build

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processes generally understood to belong to the class of fermentations

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At St. Mary's Hospital, Mr. Allen has been appointed Aural Sur-

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ledge rather than of knowledge derivable from books only. But this

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The next thing that requires to be done is the establishment of labora-

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brought to the small-pox wards of the Charite Hospital ; two of them

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impossible, he considered that Redi's doctrine of Hogcncsis, or the evo-

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to accounts of the ordeal coming from those who have passed through it ;

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evil to continue them. Witli regard to a certain class of persons, he

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rooms of hospitals or dispensaries. Sufficient hospital accommodation

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purported to be a measure of Medical Reform. Few, however, even

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the irritation commencing and spreading from the plaster. A cooling

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it possible for us now to assemble in these spacious premises, to give

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ination within three years from the time of passing the First M.B. Ex-

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medical practitioner ; yet I am morally certain that cases of scailet fever

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The preparations are described in a printed catalogue of three volumes.

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perties of its component parts the characters which the offspring of any

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town councils, local boards, improvement commissioners, and other

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31st by Earl Devon, ex-Inspector, Secretary, and President of the Poor-

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date. She passed good examinations in English, Latin, Arithmetic,

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increase for the ten years between 1S61 and 187:. It may not be unin-