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leaving bone exposed, which was also cariotis. Three

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and discrete, there may be no fever and only restlessness due to the

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gion, on the right side, lies the liver, over which the sound of

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a much broader basis than formerly, and that they are attempting to

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(c) In certain epidemics a membranous exudate accompanies the scarlatinal

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amount of blood, the doctor may give an injection of salt solution

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I persevered with this plan in four or five other cases, but in all of

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sulphide as a result of putrefactive changes, and it was observed that the

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after a certain stage. Tlie general purpose of the experiments

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to each subject, and what is the method of allotment ?

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turbances, as several mothers of boys gave birth to girls after symptoms of

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the menstrual function, as may . also myxedema, exophthalmic

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tion to the avoidable factors in his environment which were

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The fifth story is the first in the mansard roof. On the right or west side

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tion, but it is seldom quite as good : Liquor carbonis detergens, z i-

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in Table 3-1, is the starting plan for the final optimized plan. Varying such factors as

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own expense he erected a large orthopaedic institute in

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cavity." In a later publication I made the assertion that

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life of the operation. Here, as in appendicitis, and many-

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uteri with a solution of cocaine has been recommended.

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with the screen. His report was " that the heart is situated

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If the "as is made to pass through a small quantity of fuming nitric acid con-

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example of a purely traumatic suppuration of the lung. The right

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^ ^« stomach and under the ribs— or of a cloth, which has been dipped in