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the Principles cf Physical Diagnosis, By Waltse Hatlb Walshs, M«D., iic

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by the fame ftock, is fo difficult a thing, that we can at moft but reckon it among

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dation, — namely, the Anatomic, which extends from tlie

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of the moutli he has identified and named nearly a hun-

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that appear fo many contradictions among the unfkilful ; may he not, with good rea-

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length : one end of this pipe was fo put into the neck of the phial, as to reach a little

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From Cologne he went successively to Genf, Lausanne, and

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numerous verv minute globular bodies, which bad the]

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** to pay God the refpect ufual from civil inferiors to princes, with whom they are

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months, perhaps fome years, retain in great part a fmart motion, without in lb long

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obliged to it by the title of this difcourfe, I take this decafion to acquaint you with

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bury, upon this text, Ecclef. ii. 26. For God givetb to a man, that is good in bis figbty.

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* the cylinder is feparated from the cylinder, and doth defcend together with the

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In 9 cases out of those wherein no relief or only slight relief was obtained,

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septic surgery, the other upon the history of anaesthesia.

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slie recommended him to her sister, Maria Theresa, wlio up

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serve the presence of the fixed alkalies in excess in the urine ; or, in other wordi.

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pus and mucus in the urine mixed with blood-corpuscles; and, lasdy^ by care-

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receiver, I could perceive feveral little bubbles to difclofe themielves, fattened to the

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Causes of Disease and was published in Florence in 1507.

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but had never operated for ascites, hernia, cataract, or stone.

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iron conductors, with which his pupils, joining hands, placed

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Yellow softening, according to Rokitanski, occurs under the several circum-

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/at ,ui ' Acls, and the depoled grandees mentioned by the bleffed virgin in her canticle, are,

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secondary and tertiary genemlities as to cause the funda-

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Medicine Among the Hebrews, the Eg>'pt1anB, the Orientals, the Chinese,

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matter by the many known bacteria which ai-e capable of

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A final flurry of exams — and it will be all over. There remains at this

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liis office and i)roj>evty, and banished among a barbarous