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cases out of four which have come under my own obser-
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the perintBum, laying open the urethra, and at once giving free exit to the retained urine; others were made in the scrotum and penis.
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• The fonnation of a new Branch at Newcastle is suj
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and-twenty hours, and let him sleep all the time if
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1850, it vras proposed by the late Sir J. Forbes, and
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deed, it is very doubtful whether popular diagnosis
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dical operations. ]\Ir. Smyth's operations, indeed,
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it, wishing to give it a fair trial, and had been obliged
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of mind, more of what deserves to be called genius,
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a Toxicological and Hygienic Point of View, contains
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and in the presence of many other medical gentlemen.
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nothing but ether is employed ; and so also at Naples.
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stance Avas which the acid had taken from the starch in reducing it
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tions of human character, and affording the strongest
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making the patient swallow a mouthful of bread, first,
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clear enough, and it is most melancholy to think how
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whole field of vision is peopled with entoiitical spec-
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but only five which relate to education ; and of these
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natural causes, which, though destitute of reason and
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tory, in so far as their observation was made too short a time after
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the eighth lecture, he continues his remarks on the
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who were his fellows, are not likely to see again em-
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hyperaemia. In general hyperaemia or plethora — that
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laid his plan before surgeons ; and it is for them to
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Febocson, Robert, M.U., Assistant-Surgeon (additional), to the
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of detecting the disease when situated in particular portions
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deranged. As to Dr. Sheai-er's remark, that nothing
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Wednesday... St. Mary's, 1 p.m. — Midrllesex, 1 p.m.— University