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so^ having never met with a case of it himself, he conohidea thai tihsn

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Alexandre's mechanical leeches, which he eharaoterisea as inefficient end

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6. 40 p.m. : pulse 56; temperature 1004°. Some frontal head-

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tinued an interesting and successful private practice at Hagerstown, but being

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throat and back of the neck, and also in the teeth. The head

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are formed ; and 2. The motion thus produced by the

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sensitization with horse serum previous to x-ray treatment can re-

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diminish the tumefaction produced by gases, and to bring the face to a light

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Some little care and tactile dexterity is needed to do

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Edinburgh Obstetrical Society. — January 9, 1901. — Dr. jMilne

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im Korperdes Fleischfressers. Ztschr. f. Biol., Miinchen,

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84-89.— Zieslei- (H. E.) Die Eutstehung des Periblastes

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of slightly greater average incidence. Three manifest


elas and synovitis. On admission, ])atieut was in ex-

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Remedy. — Mild purgatives. Soak scales in a solution

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ton, of Morrisania, on tiie lilth day after the attack. Under a treatment

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the rapidity of its symptoms which are in- artery. A few days later, the fore legs

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sale of the first edition must have induced both the

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you will, for many foul deeds have been consummated under the

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which took place in about a week, a decidedly rough

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advanced that all inflammatory attacks in the right iliac

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formerly the case in the oatmeal used largely as food for man in Scot-

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Respiration. — ^^Of these, the former is isomorphous and isovolu-

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with any other element. It comprises from 0.75 to 1 per cent, of the

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shows no choroiditis or retinitis. The patient is now under

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quantity of arsenic was given to an infant, and it died in three hours and a

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inside the abdomen, chiefly in the mesentery, but this condition gives

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are delivered to a foreman who ships them by stage to the nearest

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ucts were discarded, as too slow in action to combat

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for physicians, individuals, firms, organizations who

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chickenpox vesicles, her lymphatic glands, especially the inguinal,

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removed, its vitalit)' being impaired by the virulent poison

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peregrinations and achievements of Dr. Nemo? Moved in 1840

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administered hypodermically, breathing became very slow and deep,

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monia were about the same. The white recruits from New York State

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are thus the intensity of the infection and the power of resistance

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arrived at, and at a time when the greatest amount of benefit could be

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The writer of each dissertation is expected to transmit his communication to Ed-

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red cori)Uscles, and he interpreted the fact as denoting that a cycle of

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travels a short distance beyond the area compressed into

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Olmsted County Poor Farm, and Dr. Hector Galloway, county physician. In

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Each profited by the association. In other cases the

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fall of temperature may result from some transient accidental