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though neither emphysematous nor decayed. Osiadel relates an in-

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found in the pus, either by culture (aerobic and anaerobic) or by

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(We are speaking now, of course, of those ulcers which are not in

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referred. Clinical No. 881. Complaint: "Spells of coughing."

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absence of all morbid deposit, by the absence also of fungous growths, and

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In addition to the cases which we have just quoted, "the author details six

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occasion a considerable number of deaths each year? Indeed this

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symptoms were cutaneous eruptions, sore throat, pains in the limbs and perios-

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to which succeeds one containing an enumeration of the other organic

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trate the intentions of nature, when they are salutaiy, or embitter the approach

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grain of this, and triturate it again for another hour with one hundred grains

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not jaundiced points to the liver as the place of formation, for in

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pain which occasioned it. When the neuroses are accompanied by an altered

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Acidosis is a condition characterized by the appearance of what

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precautions and whose wounds were left open there was, greatly to my

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them by holding them in a candle until they become red hot, and then letting

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In April, 1910, she returned to the ward on the fifth day of an

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placed, that are not the less to be regretted, because they were inevi-

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occurred only after large doses of epinephrin, pituitrin, and alcohol.

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and harassing affections to which the human framp is liable; in some instances

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Notwithstanding the positive manner in which M. Dubois lays

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ber 19 the leukocytes had increased to 780,000; November 22, 600,000;

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in others, has mistaken the legitimate conclusions deducible from

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largely replaced by medical departments of universities, privately

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January last, that any additional remarks were supererogatory. The results

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distinctly bronchial, and almost amphoric in character. Everywhere

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stroma and swelling of the cells, chromatolysis of nerve cells, dis-

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hernia. Of the propriety of the latter change, the committee will express no

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