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2 cm., and consisted of part of the thyroid gland, two

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was taken out. Microscopic examination showed only an inflanmiatory

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Disease, Surg., Gynec. & Obst. 65:79 (July) 1937.

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practical manner in which emphasis on health and re-

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tho pituitary jk riiiliiUnrisiii lieiriu sooner or later to show tlieiu-

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The report of the Committee on Cancer, E. C. Ernst,

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and tracheotomy tubes were changed. The patient had complete aphonia.

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of the medium and only when the culture medium is not agitated.

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Territorial officials, has made rapid progress in the extermination of

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70. View of the posterior aspect of the pericardium showing nodules

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After thvinideetniiiy it has heeii uliserved that enllniddike masses ae

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THE HOSPITAL survey of the state has been completed. According to the re-

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11. Prior, J. A., and Allen, M. F.: Geographic Distribution

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of fat. If stai\atioii is still further inolonjied. a stasre will come when

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Series I. — Transfusions from one normal to another normal dog. From

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none of which is allowed to lose its identity, is now sent directly to a

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one organ in a single body cavity, such as the cervical and bronchial glands and the

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dows in this plant are fairly clean. The coolers are In good shape, and the ceilings are