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accept this statement, however, for the reason stated in the
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case, which need not be referred to except in its merest outline, seems
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ferments in blood, as shown by the guaiac indicator. Also by means
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in houses to any great extent. Condensation of water from
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with a bistoury the soft parts which unite the wing of the
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Fifth. — It shows to what degree the heat derived from an open fire-
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•part of the prisoners ; not, however, giving rise to bodily injury in the de-
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telling you what it does ; showing you in how far, and why, according
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membrane. When exposed in an operation the arachnoid may be
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axis-liaction forceps. Am. J. Obst., N. Y., 1892, xxvi, 60-
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G. Baking Soda — j4 teaspoonful every four hours. Rest in
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all subsequent revisions of the Pharmacopeia should be under
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benefit under the composition fee as he does now. In both cases,
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,free from deceitfulness. " The following proverb, although
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excellent Laecanius Bassus is no small proof ofyour magnanimity, as I have discovered
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tom being motion of the external condyle with crepitation.
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the small-cell infiltration, with the same anatomical distribution and in
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trict, Oak Ridge, Tennessee.” There was no inkling that
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tenderness in the right hypochondriac region are more common.
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be addressed to the Editor o/ the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal,
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the ingress of blood into the liver, whereas the hepatic veins not being so
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Path'Ji^t-nititv.—'l'hh is very slight or absent. When pure cultures are
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diseases; I will state however that just previous to its
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The spores of these bacteria possess resisting pow-
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point, striking and instructive. The Salem delusion
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coloring matter of the blood Avhich has exuded into |
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expected in such a case, although such dislocations are
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in restricted localities, assuming then a form comparable to tumors;
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useless. Further — there is frequently an indecision in keeping the
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quite exhaustively of exophthalmic goitre, and espe-
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all the way from mitral stenosis to arteriosclerosis. Convinced
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* Because aceto-acetic acid and acetone contain the =CO radical they are known
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welL More rarely the exanthema is preceded for a day or two by
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origin of this condition seemed the most likely; there
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cannot collect mosquitos in his own country, things are get-
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Freckles are little circular spots, of small size, on the face and back
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need not lead to any intoxication demonstrable under the circumstances