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Communication. — A paper on the Diagnosis of Abdominal Tumours,
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According to an article of the capitulation, the French surgeons re-
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After some preliminary remarks, the lecturer said that he intended
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of the Shoulder of a young woman. He first made a puncture into
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already filled ; and a rapid system of evacuation was in progress, by
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demonstrations of pathology, and of course the teacher would not sign
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have been in the Service has in all respects been satisfactory.
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into the discussion on the Contagious Diseases' Acts. We must aNk Dr. Drysdale,
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left Woolwicli for the respective seats of war, the former for Prussia,
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dox, blaspheme, I may truly say, the true Scripture doctrine of human
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Poor-law Board to take the necessary steps for preventing the antici-
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from measles, 192 from scarlet fever, 8 from diphtheria, 18 from croup,
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lity. Some orators select special subjects of medical interest ; others
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nervous irritability, with constant tendency to pulmonary hasmorrhage,
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• «/ Amicatioti /or RcgUiration as a Medical StuJeiil.—l hereby .apply
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in Lectures upon the cases, by the Physician-Accoucheur, and in the
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scrupulously correct ; it discloses, however, a warm regard for your own interests,
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tions have rendered important services. Their organisation enabled
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at the cost of the local authority ; and W'here a mortuary has been
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notwithstanding careful attention paid to the bowels, and especially
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established throughout England and ^Yales. 2. The expenditure on
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that in the oxidation of the essences of odoriferous plants a large
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says : — "From a wound in the liver there will be pain in the part, of
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entered in the Medical Students' Register at least four years previously.
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of internal inflammation, for which I applied the usual remedies. The
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number of inmates they are to receive, d. Local circumstances favour-
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troduced, and that a spirited debate might be expected.
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Notice to Advertisers.— Advertisements should be forwarded direct
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nation was suffering from dysentery; 717 Prassians and 8 French were
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2 1 St), four students received the M.B. degree, and two graduated as
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red, each according to the mean average annual rate of mortality to
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could only be due to an intelligent cause of the adaptation. The exist-
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The Medical Aspect of the Germ-Theory. By B. W. RICHARDSON,
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