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charge of the plants, birds, &c., some play at billiards
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expedient, which of the classes shall be provided for in
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utilised, with great benefit not only to the convict service itself, but also
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limb; and the back of the arm and parts about the elbow became greatly dis-
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expenses of the College for the current year an annual fee of two dollars ($2.00), pursuant
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these valuable results to have accrued, it may be objected that, on the other
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produce the same effect, because that on which they act possesses but one
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the good people of the State to relieve us from this posi-
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the commencement, neither violent medicines nor large doses should be
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" Be this as it may, I feel perfectly convinced, in my own mind, that the
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that civil surgeons had no experience of gun-shot wounds. — Mr. Fitz-
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plan of dealing with pauper children, from Scotland and from various
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suture, and the uterus was readily returned by moderate pressure. In
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and, after a time, had perforated its fundus, passed between the convo-
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deaths in the Belgrave district, compared with that of the other dis-
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character of the affection of which he died, and upon the phenomena observed
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Ta Vie Superintendent of (Ae Butter Hoepital/or tAe Ineane :
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the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario enacts as follows :
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reply by letter, and thus the Property Committee would possess themselves of the opinion
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the Sterno-mastoid"; Dr. Handfield Jones, *' A query as to the safety of Sub-
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and to explain to them that they form an inadequate estimate of the dis-
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conscious. Her distress was evidently very great; she could hardly
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was doing any harm, because that is what he said first. He said he did not think he was
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Believing that whatever of success has attended our
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of the 9th August, 1836, which requires a young man to be a bachelor of let-
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The very existence of atheroma at such a degree at such an age is
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considerable size, with an interior nucleus, and in the circumference of this
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though not anxious, with a degree of exhaustion as though she had been stunned.
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Dr. Barclay seconded the resolution, which was carried.
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his notice. He gave much thought to mental pathology,