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ciated with tuberculous peritonitis, the latter may
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two cases, with a r^sum6 of seventeen cases in American
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severity makes it benign. In some communities, this type prevails ;
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printing of all material not found in text and reference books which
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One attack of yellow fever confers immunity from the disease during
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with a fluid diet, milk, beef-broth and beef -juice, eggs,
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ments of M. Brown-Sequard. Read to the Biological Society, July 21,
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" There is a lesson which we are apt to learn slowly,
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that it attacks almost exclusively the skeleton of the
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they can derive any benefit from a farrago, which to us ap-
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one being males, and one hundred and seventy-nine females. During the year
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after 2 hours, but heart action continued about 5 hours
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us to watch the progress of cholera now in Europe, and to
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and ducts with safety. The first cholecystotomy was fol
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The Origin of Typhoid Fever. — Dr. Uovo, and Messrs.
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lowing operations, viz., neurasthenia, neuralgia, and pe-
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operation, in cases of sterile contents, and compfetely
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is necessary for the mother; she must not worry; she should not get
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Treatment of intercapsular fracture of femur with apparatus
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miserable half-existence, but men and women with vitality,
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palpable at end of deep inspiration; not tender. Blood: Hemoglobin, 30
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boracic lotion. If there is neither suppuration nor secretion it
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where intestinal putrefaction is in marked excess, it must
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[South Africa is practically free from rabies. The only case reported
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and more convincing proofs of actual danger to the child are
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Bcmifiexion. easily reducible. In the exaggerated musfle-tone
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tumours. They are usually less firm than the surrounding tissues, so