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fibro-ligamentous structures would be all torn up from their

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tension attains its maximum with more or less rapidity, and then

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about voluntary urination. His bladder was completely

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ing till the worm was expelled. The removal of diseased ova-

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regional officers of the committee are Dr. A. G. Liedloff,

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grows fetid ; acrid fluid is discharged, with copious salivation ;

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tion of South African dysentery as "diarrhoea writ large" is apt, and in

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Mode of Infection. — ^Tiotin's studies indicate that the medium of trans-

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1 By immune in this case is meant the serum of an animal injected or immunized

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the McKinley, Barnet, Courtland and St. Edward. The Court-

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cover the period from the latter part of 1876 to June, 1889.

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of iodoform and boracic acid powdered and covered with absorbent