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riguez' denied Petitjean's assertion that it is dangerous to give quinine

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to amputate the uterus, remove tubes and ovaries, and stitch peritoneum and

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Of the 19 mothers in whom the high forceps operation was done none died,

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Leopold {Archiv far Gyndkologie, Band xxxvi. Heft 2) reviews the recent

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so that but two inches have been lost in these eight years of growth.

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the marital relation except a religious one. What a blow to

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means of a syringe or other suction apparatus following the

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Chicago shows that 56.1% of those losing wages, lost less than

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are pre-eminently diseases of adolescence ; they seem to occur

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A close scrutiny of the mesentery showed an old inflammatory

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non-poisonous and of not producing unpleasant concomitant eflfects. In

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1850 a case of death after extirpation of the shoulder, which occurred seven-

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ment with serums. She was a woman of 41 years, greatly blanched out as

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These results, it would seem, indicate a change in the views which were held

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adherence of loops of intestines to one another, or by the inclu-

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To get rid of the headache which supervened she starved herself, took

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2 p. m. "Vegetable Broth" or 1/2 coddled egg with a

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the point of obstruction, the patient being too restless for a good

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severe colic and vomiting. He was very nervous and rolling

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could not reach the same audience. There could be no more

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and you, Drs. Madill and Kosmak, are charged with actual knowl-

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