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others, that total extirpation of the pancreas in animals is followed by

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Interested persons should communicate with the Secretary of

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gathered up into a coherent mass, which defies dissection in the post-

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T. nana. — The foregoing tape-worms are normally parasitic in and

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be thrust well into the distended vein, and injection made in the direction of

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been partly due to starvation from pressure on the gullet. Pressure

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was any danger if I took the ]n'0])hylaetic." So that a knowledge

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fo on fucceilively every ninth day while their heat

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mosquitoes. Possibly for the same reason, breaking up waste lands for

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a gram of protein yields only 4 calories. Thus a pint of 20 per

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with the fhe-goat, as the ftallion does with the Ilie-

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studying the various lesions is that of inextricable confusion, and there is

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2Moss, W. L. Tr. Assn. Am. Phys., 1909, XXIV, 419, also Bull. Johns Hopkins Hosp.,

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varies with changes in the weather, and which is more marked after rest.

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pre-eclampsia would thus clearly belong to the class of preventable '^

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(Japtaiu .lames I )ii-ksiiii. .M.II.. Toruiitu, l'.»lti. who was with

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civil wars Ihewed the ufe of a fuperior race of horfes,

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detailed examination and findings by the Rhinologist have been omitted,

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and continue to lose flesh, and whether he is or is not expectorating pus,

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Snuffles results from an inflammatory condition of the nasal mucous

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instances, strophanthus may be helpful combined with strychnine. In the

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evident. Thyroid — not enlarged. Arteries — in good condition. Blood pres-

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found, out of thirty-four cases, in twenty -two one kidney only was involved.

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they are constipated, but the stools are never clay-coloured. The urine

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through the milk was responsible for these symptoms. In view of the

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oval, or serpiginous. On the floor, tuberculous granulations are generally to

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of possible aetiological agents that may be responsible in the production,

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motes of light of which there was no other physical evidence, and that

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Bartlet * ad.vifes rightly to bleed horfes by meafure,

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to distinguish between symptoms due to infection and those consequent

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or a lump with ill-defined margins was found. The tongue was painful,

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nevertheless be of great value in the prevention of certain conditions.

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severed nerve, a clear conception of the current view of the path-

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abundance, and many specimens may be seen in every field ; usually, how-

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