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to Brigade- Surgeon J. Hector, 25, Anerley Park, Anerley,
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dition of patients suffering from chronic Briglit's disease.
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teristic humming sound was audible. He proposed to apply
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but a small part in bringing this about. It was due to the
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Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia College, N.Y. (New
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E. S. Hasell, Victoria ; Mr. T. Higgins, Maryborough ; Mr. T. Hastings,
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SirDYCE Duckworth, M.D., LL.D., F.R.C.P., President, in
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foreign service ; and that they should be allowed to exchange
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on the Hippocratic School has already been referred to, but
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indeed, has been long and anxiously looked forward to,
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percent. I think these figures show that, at all events, the
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EAST LONDON H0SP1T.\L FOR CHILDREN, Glamis Road, Shadwell,
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Memobial to Professor Tommasi, of Patia.— On April
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sentative general Committee was appointed, and an Execu-
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had generally been in drink when he visited her. She died
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he was Medical Officer of Health and a Justice of the Peace.
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transverse and descending colon and rectum. Some of them
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in Glasgow : the Itegistration of Stillbirths ; Verification of
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with a companion going up an incline, at the top of
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was marked cyanosis, but no pulse, and artificial respiration was of no
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pointed to the officiating medical charge of the 5th Bombay Light
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A SuFFEEER writes to us : The clerks employed in the
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and worth, my opinion on this subject may have a value. On
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contains a letter from Dr. H. Muir Evans drawing attention
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order that the record might be more complete. Secondly,
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jejunum was quite firm, and the outline of the omental graft
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I believe the medical department to be fully as efiicient. '
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native troops, extension of warrants to India, study time,