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is recovered on the normal side in six minutes. In cases where

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ation is to be looked for in sexual selection, clear and healthy eyes being of the highest

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of a fraction of the ingested carbohydrates, the larger portion being still

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never seen a case except in this hospital, where there are at present six

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course among sailors than on shore. His conclusions are rendered value-

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Chinese silk as a suture material ; and the general opinion is, that there

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disappear, to be followed by some fresh fear, or complete recovery may

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involving the base and communicating with the external and middle ear,

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^' Shall the law determine who shall marry ? '^ If the unprej-

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which he fully describes and which consists in the use of pi aster-of- Paris

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accompanied by varying degrees of prolapse, depending on sim-

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In concluding, I wish to suggest the probability that many cases of

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other legal or moral reasons for consideration of the matter of

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shorter intervals, and consequently the knowledge so gained is of very

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ond dorsal spine down to the sixth dorsal spine. Vertebral grove on either

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erate drinker, and had never contracted either gonorrhoea or syphilis.

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represent a condition following the disease, but are, in fact, the disease itself

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efficient in restraining hemorrhage than ergotine. — Lancet, March 29, 1890.

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the method which the author by preference recommends. It is not to be

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serum made no apparent impression on the cause of the trouble,

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Baldwin said, "Adults stand very little danger by close contact

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date. He is a believer in the superior safety of ether, and his article is a

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dermoid cyst of the subperitoneal space. With the patient in the lith-

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the bleeding be treated as soon as possible ; intra-abdominal hemorrhage is

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provisions of the so-called Davenport-Donahue Health Insurance

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on the cervix and vagina. He thinks that a better result is obtained by doing

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The hemispheres were hardened in a solution of potassium bichromate

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3. Associating and segregating into more or less organized

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these two names, and justify such a phrase as lichenoid symptoms.

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which the ravages of the disease can not be stayed by the most

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given until then), two grains" (of quinine) " were ordered to be given

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of tubercle to amorphous particles. But nothing is anywhere said of a residue

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was probably the increased pressure on the vagi in the overfilled lungs, as

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the work most heartily : It is scientific, practical, thorough, inval-

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in a quantity of fresh blood, with the result that the patient will soon

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Children, late House Surgeon to St. Bartholomew's Hospital and to the