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preliminary examination on the essentials of a common-school
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monograph, say a full clinical record of some drug, furnishing all
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to the separation of those lives from the parent life. For many
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The rings spread outwards, and coalesce with each other.
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Prophylactic and Homoeopathic Treatment" — was presented by
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of vascular disease. A woman beyond middle life is discovered
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of exertion. Difficulty in swallowing, or evidence of the passage of
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border 2.5 cm. to the right. On auscultation the heart-rate was
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have been praised by many writers, but it must be clearly understood that it
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discretion and liberty in individual action, and the abolition of
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patient do not have any bearing on the frequency, the cause, or
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(3) Place 1 ml of the guinea pig kidney suspension in one
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of albumen, and the test is believed to be quite delicate and free from fallacy. It is
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In both instances there is a desire for stool, but at the same
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blood is to be analyzed, but is less desirable than oxalate
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thorough and repeated examinations of sputum will usually
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Smallpox rarely attacks the same person twice. Second attacks of
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be replaced or repaired if life is to continue, or if a cure is to be effected.
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with its contents. At the side are the kidney-shaped bodies, much
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for this purpose skin tests are made in the same way, using
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In many cases of this disease only one side of the body is
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Symptomatology. — The onset is very gradual and the general
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when frost-bitten. If it were brought to the fire it would soon mortify ; whereas, if
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in rheumatoid arthritis sulfasalazine reduces the rate of appearance of
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boxes. If snails are collected for identification with no
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College, in "A Lecture on the Frequent Repetition of Doses,"
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samples of blood. The determination requires about 10
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thirty-six sources quoted in this monograph, seven are entirely
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hemoglobin calculated from G B alone erroneously in-
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characteristics and by their specific pathogenicity for guinea
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Under the above title the author presents a sermon to medical
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moeopathic treatment of this condition, there seems to be an
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(c) Place in 10 percent formalin containing magnesium
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react with the diazo reagent, and is used to make the reaction
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ard extract broth (as above) add 0.5 percent of lactose. Adjust
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for acid-fast bacilli. Leprosy bacilli are more easily de-
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The colored plates (figs. 36, 37, and 38) should also be
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liable than others to contract typhoid fever, the only protection is a previous
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