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centres, though without much result. Duboue had put forward the theory
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As to the therapeutic value of the operation, paracentesis of the
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and infectious disease, and it has been regarded by all nations,
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months ago from the council of the Metropolitan Radical
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the same time they have, like the currier in the fable, com-
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Tabes and Multiple Sclerosis. — Dr. E. W. Taylor, of Bos-
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of Dr. Thomson's; and which we only consider superior to Brown's, in
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and afterward addressed the Section on foreign bodies in
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mature-looking, shrivelled face, and sallow complexion of womanhood. Her
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year ago and was much struck with the admirable view it gave of the whole of
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pain gone ; profuse drainage from wound. 3 p.m. : Has slept three hours ; is very
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brand (see Boston Med. and Surg. Journal, August 14, 1890), and in
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the left auricle (Bristowe). They form in by-places, and are entangled
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been either scarlet fever or measles of a mild type. The glandular
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at the opening of the burrow. The parasite causes considerable irrita-
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is picric acid, which throws down yellowish precipitate.
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venience of comparison, the notes from all these observations have
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description of fibroma, yet he writes under the undecided caption of "sudden
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This is one of many instances that can he cited to exhibit the
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of fibroid uteri, making the ligation sufficiently deep
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of the attack. A paretic may die in the first convulsive
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He thought that in spite of the fact that complications
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weight of his authority on the side "where truth doth not, to all appearance,
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other hand, however, as regards the disastrous effects of pressure upon
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were made to vomit, but these were ineffectual. His pulse and breathing were per-
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the spine, if neglected. The primary congestion lies in the spine
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required. Three things are necessary to an ideal result in this class
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ed, and whether any constitutional treatment be needed , in connection
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impaired condition of the renal epithelium. Unless,
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Other parasites belonging to this order are Opisthorchis noverca
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in this asylum the managers failed to detect for themselves the
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drawn between this condition which is coincident with the existence of the
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materially. The action was ascribed to the ultra-violet
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The mortality in confined streets, small alleys, and
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dent a place among common events. For the edification of the
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New Hartford and Barkhamsted, and for a number of years